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Zurich Center for Market Design

Virtual Market Design Seminars (Fall 2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many seminars around the world are now held online, and they are open to anyone who is interested to join. On this page, we list a number of virtual seminars that cover market design topics (or topics broadly related to market design). Most of the seminars also provide a recording that can be watched after the seminar has taken place. If you know of additional online seminars that you think may be of interest to members of the market design center, please contact us.

Seminar  Topics Covered Usual Date/Time
(Zurich time zone)*
Informs Auctions and Market Design Seminar Market design Fridays from 7-8 pm
(every two weeks)
Virtual Market Design Seminar Series Market design Mondays from 4-5pm
(every two weeks)
AI for Economics Seminar How to use AI/ML to understand economic behavior and design economic policies Tuesdays from 6-7:15pm
COMSOC: International Seminar Series on Social Choice (Computational) social choice (e.g., voting, collective decision making, fair division, matching) Thursdays at 3pm

Social choice, mechanism design Tuesdays at 10am

SET: Seminars in Economic Theory

Economic theory, with some talks covering market design topics Wednesdays at 4pm
Caltech Economic Theory Seminar Economic theory, with some talks covering market design topics Wednesdays at 9pm
UZH/ETH Microeconomics Seminar Microeconomics, with some talks covering market design topics Thursdays from 12:15-13:30 (approx. every two weeks)
NBER Market Design Working Group Meeting
(Youtube live stream)
Market design October 22 - 24, 2020

* Note that the exact times of the seminars may change from week to week. Furthermore, the meeting time of most seminars is typically set in a different time zone than Zurich's; as not all time zones switch to day light savings time in the same week, this results in a shift of +/- one hour of the listed meeting time for some weeks.