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Zurich Center for Market Design


News list

  • 2024 John von Neumann Lecture by Eva Tardos

  • Shengwu Li at the Market Design Workshop

  • Matching in Practice 2024 in Zurich

  • John Von Neumann's 100th Zurich Anniversary

  • Visits by Joseph Root (University of Chicago) and Larry Samuelson (Yale)

  • Tim Roughgarden (Columbia) at ZCMD

  • John von Neumann Lecture by Philipp Strack on Friday, June 3, 15:00 (via Zoom)

  • Nobel Laureate Paul Milgrom holds Public Lecture titled "Linear pricing mechanisms without convexity"

  • Paul Klemperer's Departmental Talk "Art of Multi-product Auction Design" at the Economics Department. Monday, 27 September 2021 in KOL F-118

  • John von Neumann Lecture by Constantinos Daskalakis on Friday, June 11 (via Zoom)

  • Nobel Laureate Alvin Roth speaks about "Controversial Markets"

  • Seminar Schedule for Spring 2021 Announced

  • Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson win 2020 Nobel Prize in Economics

  • List of virtual market design seminars published for Fall 2020

    We have compiled a list of eight virtual seminars that cover market design topics (or topics broadly related to market design). Most of the seminars also provide a recording that can be watched after the seminar has taken place.

  • John von Neumann Lecture by Hervé Moulin on Friday, May 29, 10:00-11:30am (via Zoom)